Looking for a house for shelter is a matter that will be experienced by almost all new families, even families who had long been married but still has no home to live. They have rented a house on a monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual. Rents vary widely depending on location, facilities provided, the capacity of the room and many things can affect the cost of renting rooms. Finding a house is not as easy as looking like a car or a motor vehicle, as clearly seen from the standard vehicle brand, model, year of manufacture, etc., it will soon be able to weigh what brand of vehicle to purchase, customize to your needs and your financial condition.

Unlike buying a house, it will be many variations, there is no standard, each developer will be competing to create the best design, and best meets the needs of buyers. The buyer is so large and very varied. Often found in one family, a husband and wife quarreled just because of the desire to choose a different house. Desired of home buyers are buying a home that fit his desired, with facilities as complete as possible and with the lowest possible price.

Usually the important things to consider before determining the location of the house you want to buy the following may be taken into your consideration on how to select home location.
  • Location: close to the office where you work, do not flood, an environment that is still fresh and many trees, not too noisy with passing vehicles, easily accessible, close to health facilities, shopping centers. 
  • Facilities: Choose the housing that provide facilities adequate and not excessive, such as sports facilities, religious facilities, adequate roads, water channels well, good security and others. The facility is too much and will complete an option many people, but it could be make home prices becoming higher, because the facilities are constructed from the price of the house you buy. 
  • The credibility of the developer, Look for a developer who has good credibility and responsibility. If you are googling on the internet, then you will not find developers that are 100% satisfied customers, and almost all developers have customers who complain because it is not satisfied. But at least you can choose a developer who already have experience and have a few complaints.

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