There are step by step guide with clear explanations on how to build the completeness of this useful tool to reduce 80-100% of your electricity bill. You can find these guides on This guide is completed with videos that can be downloaded from their website.

Guidance that you can get from this tutorial are as follows:
1. Guide how to prepare for Building A Green Energy Sources
2. Guide how Solar and Wind Power work
3. A Detail Instruction mentioning On How to build your Own Solar Panels or Wind Turbine
4. Colorful pictures to guide you Along the Way
5. Pin Point Accuracy and important step towards
6. Guide For Free How to get components. claim that you can build your own solar or wind system is less than $ 200.Well, after going through this guide, one main advantage you get is knowing how to get $ 600 free battery. If you can follow the instructions correctly, you can reduce costs by 90%. This site also claims power savings of up to 80%. owner has built a mini solar system to generate enough solar energy to power their light bulbs to test it out and it worked fine. So, people can go ahead to build a great and save up to 80% of the electricity bill.

Results vary from person to person, because everyone uses different amounts of fuel or electricity consumption in their homes. But be sure that you will get your investment back after following the guide and kit in a few days. Energy price rises in the global world and we need alternative energy such as to generate savings that will secure for the future.

Many scientists and experts to explore further to find alternative fuels that will reduce the effect of greenhouse gases caused by fossil fuels. Now is your chance to step up and do your part and help the environment. Even if this is not your goal, then also you can still save a large amount of energy.

Quick, let me mention a return on investment to take the product kit Earth4Energy.This windmill will cost about $ 100, which is really nothing compared to the average energy bill that you get every month. This windmill will generate you the power or electricity to at least the next 3 to 5 years, may save many dollars on your energy bills. In addition, solar panels can easily be built with a budget of about $ 150, which is very cheap compared to installing a professional. Also even if you have professional equipment installed, then you may have to wait for years before you get the money back.

Make power at home with solar and wind energy to eliminate your electric bill. Get a detailed guide on now.