After gaining success of the two previous cluster Regia and Samanea, Greenland Forest Park Residence in the mid of August 2010 has released a new cluster called Cassia. "Cassia" is the Latin name of johar tree that usually grows in open forest and ornamental plants which become useful as a laxative throughout the tropics. And this is the type of tree to be planted in the garden of the Cassia cluster as a feature of these clusters as in cluster the other cluster Regia with flamboyant trees and clusters trembesi in Samanea

A total of 46 units in this cluster will be marketed early on Saturday, September 25, 2010 this week through the previews. To date 36 units have been selected by the prospective buyer.

Through this article, we intend to invite you in particular and this limited the opportunity to be able to have a dream home in Greenland Forest Park Residence with the preview Cluster SPECIAL PRICE Cassia. Invitations can be taken at the sales office Greenland Forest Park Residence from now until the event.

For information you can call us at (021) 32 10 11 12 and (021 7470 3925)