Have you heard buy a house without down payment? I think this is very attractive campaign from developer to their client. Normally, all buying transaction require down payment at least 10% from the price. And the 90% remain can be paid using mortgage facility from local bank. The campaign is just launch by Cimanggis Green Residence 2, for the last three unit of house.

How it works? You just need to pay booking fee, and then submit your documents required for mortgage loan for the bank, wait for approx. 3 weeks for approval. If your mortgage loan application is approved, you can start to prepare the cost for tax, notary, and bank charge on mortgage loan.
Currently, the units available are type of Green Garden (65/98) as many as three units in Block B-10, B-12 and D-2. One of three units is ready stock at block D-2 (Green Garden 65/110). For detail information about this campaign, you can visit directly to their blog at Cimanggis Green Residence2, and detail building specification please click here.
Promotion ends up with these last three units were sold, thus ending this week, next week, or at any time depending on your haste to get two units of this house, who quickly he can.


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